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CR Tin Packaging Rectangle Airtight Child Resistant Tin Box

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Certified Airtight Child Ressitant Version

It's US child-resistant certified. The silicone pieces and inside bottom consists of a fully airtight space that is water leaking proof standard, 

the rolled inside with hidden slots are made of this perfect child-proof mechanism, the metal insert pieces protect prerolls without any damage. 

All the advantages achieves this high-end airtight child resistant tin box for prerolls.

Custom Printing

The brand can be customized. The classical artwork with attractive printing and high-quality feel of embossing beats the heart of customers. 

To start your high-end products from a custom tin packaging.

Various Usage

The inside size 3.72"x2.14"x0.8" is designed for 5 packs half gram prerolls, no need to add extra packaging to keep prerolls smell proof, 

airtight, dry and freshness and it's heat proof that can keep edibles or chocolate fresh also.

This Airtight Gen2 tin box is US child-resistant certified and designed for high-end 5 packs .

5g pre-rolls packaging.It's used by fully sustainable material – tinplate and silicone pieces only. 

The insivible child-resistant mechanism Press&Lift increases the level of this child resistant tin, 

the rolled inside structure allows the whole lid or bottom can be embossed,

the smoothly and stackable appearance is the precondition for high-end packaging.

Brand: Custom printing

Feature: Certified Airtight child-resistant

Material: 0.23mm tinplate

Outside size: 105x65x21mm

Inside size: 94.5×54.5×20,5mm

MOQ: 1,000pcs

Usage: 3-7 .5g prerolls

Extra working: butter paper, display box, PS insert