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Medium Glass Stash Jar With Air Tight Closure Clamp - Various Designs - wholesale

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  • Dimensions: : 3.5"H x 2.5"W

  • Capacity: 7-10 ounces

  • Material: Glass with Air Tight Closure

  • Various Designs 

About this Item:

  • Stylish glass jar with a hinged lid to keep things airtight and preserved. The metallic hinge with colored top locked the jar and solid or liquid remained secure

  • Handy in the kitchen, office, bars, bathroom, beauty parlor, hairdresser shops, and many other places to keep small items

  • Ideal to store herbs, spices, pickles, jam, syrup, sauces, cookies, candies, honey, jellies, fruits, vegetables, nut bolts, and much other stuff fresh and dry

  • The bright and crystal clear shape of the jar makes it more fascinating if it is used on wedding decor for candles or little trinkets to enlighten the surroundings

  • Also available in various colorful designs and variety with an impressive and new look. It gives us the freedom to choose the color of our choice and feel good

Product Description:

Elegant Shape: Stash Jar has an elegant shape with crystal and colorful variety for home, office, and business places. It has an airlock cover with a metal hinged lid on top of it that makes food or liquid secure and fresh for a long period of time. The unique design of the jar makes it more attractive and gives satisfaction to buyers. Easy to wash with soap and water for a clean look and better hygiene.

Useful for multipurpose: Glass stash jar can be used for multipurpose in laboratories, bakeries, haircutting shops, and beauty salons to contain liquids, jam, syrups, sauces, cookies, needles, and many more items. The jar can be used to enlighten the environment, keeping candles or tiny trinkets inside. It can be useful for wedding decor and birthday parties as well.

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